Billet Program

The Central Illinois Flying Aces are looking for families willing to open their homes and house a player for the 2017-2018 season.

The Flying Aces’ players range in age from 16-20-years-old and travel from around the world to play hockey. They are in need of a home and family to live with while in Central Illinois.

Providing a safe and supportive environment for players is essential to the success of the team. Billets help make the Aces organization possible. Through the billet program, players are given a sense of community and support while away from their families. Billets also benefit from the experience by having a strong role model for their own children, developing life-long relationships with the player(s) they house,

and contributing to the Aces organization.  Along with a support system and loving home, players will need their own bedroom(s) and meals for the season, which starts in September and ends in mid- to late-April.  Billets are provided a monthly stipend while they house the player(s).

The Aces organization expects a high level of excellence from the players on and off the ice. The players are aware that respect for the household and host family members is mandatory. General responsibility and consideration from both parties make the housing experience successful and rewarding.

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